On Ageplay, Dollification, and Femdom GFE

March 2021 Newsletter

Hello darlings,

I’ve been harboring a secret: at some point during the pandemic, I developed a full blown latex fetish. I’ve already started eroticizing the distance required for social distancing. Now I imagine myself sipping a cup of tea in latex opera gloves, toying with a little slut locked in my latex vacbed.

I’m curious… what have you been fantasizing about? Other than the aforementioned scene, which you are undoubtedly now consumed by.

I’m also excited to announce that I just got my first dose of the vaccine, which means I’ll be offering a few more in-person play dates come May. A sadist with antibodies!

You’ll find a little bit of what I’ve been up to this month below. (As always, the best way to stay in touch with me day-to-day is on my OnlyFans or AVN Stars.)

Ageplay & DDLG: An Interview with Charlotte Cross

Last month, Charlotte and I discussed the realities of 24/7 D/s relationships. This month, we’re discussing ageplay, Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG), Daddy Dom Little Boy, Mommy Domme Little Girl… you get the idea.

Charlotte Cross: I say that all the time, “I’m not a little,” but simultaneously also saying Can I have the sippy cup before we go play? Will you put champagne in my sippy cup?

Mistress Blunt: I feel like people exclaim they’re not a little while also having kind of a tantrum. (lovingly chuckles)

Charlotte Cross: Yeah FOR sure.

Read the full interview.

BDSM Stories: Dollification with Mommy

As you know, one of the many ways I’ve been keeping the kink (and romance) alive with my submissives during quarantine is through my femdom stories series. Every couple weeks, I share a sweet submissive’s deep, dark, perverted fantasy.

In this story, a sweetie paints the picture of a group dollification scene. Would you stay very still for Mommy or suffer the… shocking... repercussions? 

I could see a shudder move through his flesh. “And, only I get to cum!” This time, I felt a shudder run through mine. 

She laughed loudly while she rode him, moving lasciviously and with abandon. We were her dollies to use however she wanted, and we kept our promise of stillness. 

She began shocking me in spite of my good job playing dolly. This new rule excited her.

Read the full literotica.

P.S. Subscribe to my OnlyFans and send me a private message saying “Hello, Dolly” if you’d like to be Mommy’s doll, too.

Femdom GFE: An Interview with Rose Gibson

My Twitter crush interview series just keeps getting better and better. I finally had the opportunity to sit down with Rose Gibson to discuss femdom girlfriend experience (GFE), financial domination (findom), and the art of nurturing long-term D/s relationships.

Rose Gibson: There’s really just nothing like getting to, say, sit on somebody’s face while you order Louboutins with his credit card.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: What could be a better evening, truly?

Rose Gibson: Exactly. It’s a nice after-dinner activity.

Mistress Danielle Blunt: A very domestic after-dinner activity.

Rose Gibson: Exactly.

Read the full interview.

BDSM Stories: Forced-Bi at Mistress Blunt’s Sex Party

In this submissive-penned story, a bashful submissive boy accepts an invite to a sex party, not really sure what to expect. Naturally, in his fantasy, I make him an offer he could never refuse. I can be so persuasive. :angel Emoji:

The way she explained it, I just couldn’t refuse. Especially since she already had her shirt off, I was just so hypnotized by her I just nodded along.

The guy who didn’t have a partner yet came up to me and started embracing me, everyone getting a kick out of it and cheering us on. He was very attractive, and my heart started to beat faster as he touched me. He kissed me. 

It felt so weird to enjoy this forced bi scenario as I was so embarrassed, but I couldn’t help myself. I gently touched the stubble on his face, he started to rub his hands up and down my body. We both got into it and started taking our clothes off. Everyone else continued as well. 

Read the full literotica.

Clip of the Month: Lesbian Mommy Domination, Blowjob and Fucking with Good Girl Dasha Bond

Every month, I feature the most popular, best-selling video, photo, or audio from my clip store, and share a little behind-the-scenes with you. This month, I’m talking about my latest video clip: Lesbian Mommy Domination, Blowjob and Fucking with Good Girl Dasha Bond.

In this 30-minute clip, Mommy Blunt administers a firm over the knee spanking, a caning, some restrictive bondage, and very mean nipple clamps. Watch as I use all of Dasha Bond’s pretty holes. What would you do for Mommy’s pleasure, darling?

Earlier this month, Dasha Bond came to visit me upstate for a kinky retreat and skillshare. She taught me how to do TikTok transitions, and we shared our own kinky version of the Silhouette Challenge (see it here). After practicing our rope skills and finger painting with a submissive’s blood, we filmed this incredibly hot clip.

This is the most fun playing I’ve had in the pandemic. I hope you enjoy:

Watch the FULL video clip ($44.44).

With love and leather,

Mistress Blunt